Our Approach:

1. First, do not harm

As naturopathic physicians, we believe in treating your current condition while also making sure to safeguard your future health. We prescribe the most gentle and effective treatment options first. When pharmaceuticals are absolutely necessary we work to mitigate their side effects and support our patients’ long term health goals.

2. The healing power of nature

Nature provides us with most of what we need to be healthy. We start by removing the obstacles to health (whether those be food sensitivities/intolerances, infections, inappropriate stress responses, etc.) and then providing the body with the nutrients and support necessary for repair. Botanical medicine is a cornerstone of our practice and is often a gentle, effective treatment option for our patients.

3. Identify and treat the cause

Symptoms are messages from the body that something deeper needs to be addressed. In our practice we strive to discover and treat the root cause of illness. We want to know WHY. Why do you have headaches? Why are your periods so heavy? Why is your blood pressure high? We treat the underlying cause of disease so that you can experience your optimal level of wellness and prevent future disease.

4. Docere (Doctor as Teacher)

The word doctor comes from the Latin docere, which means “to teach.” One of our highest priorities is teaching our patients how to keep themselves and their families healthy!

5. Treat the whole person

Understanding that all of our body systems are connected and that oftentimes symptoms show up in a different system than the one in which they originate, we treat the whole person.

6. Prevention

We specialize in addressing dis-ease at the deepest level and preventing future health conditions. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan based on their needs. Our goal is long-lasting wellness results, which enriches all areas of our patients’ lives.